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We supply men and women with the finest quality custom made and stock hair replacement systems in the industry , we also provide medical prosthetic hair pieces, a popular solutions for Cancer-related hair loss due to chemotherapy .


Award Winners

Services: we can size your hair system for you and or give your hair system a hair cut to your specification.
Repairs: Add hair, Hair Color or Perm your hair replacement systems. We also have many hair system designs to choose from on this web store, stock hair replacement systems and custom made hair replacement systems, or send us your old hair system so we can Duplicate your hair system for you.
Our hair replacement systems are considered the industries highest standard in hand made hair craft
OUR Hair replacement systems are constructed from the newest base materials In the latest designs. In OUR online store We have many base designs to choose from. or send us your old hair system so we can duplicate it for you. we are aware of most hair replacement systems sold on the market today by their traditional names. We do not call our hair systems " Wigs, Toupee or Units ", our hair replacement systems full cap and our 3/4 caps are considered the industries highest standard in hand made hair systems. we take pride in calling them hair replacement systems or prosthetic hair pieces for men and women.

By now you might have heard of our super fine see through base material. To complement this amazing material we developed the implant hair, one strand at a time into the super fine see through base material giving our hair system the most natural effect possible. You wont believe how good our hair systems looks.

Invisible knot's: available in our skin and lace systems
All our designs may be customized to suit your personal needs
With the choice is limited only by your imaginatio

  • Over 100000 hair replacement systems SOLD
  • In the hair replacement business since 1972
  • Licensed: -BB-0027817 Salon owner
Shop 4 Hair Replacement Systems
Our Hair replacement systems are an easy and less expensive way to get a full head of us today to learn more about the hair replacement systems that we provide! Not only do we offer affordable hair systems, but our hair replacement systems are made to look undetectable with a very natural looking hair line. Don' t worry about hair loss again; contact us today for more information about our hair replacement systems Call Today Call: 727 858 1855 Toll Free : 1 888 479 2658 Email:
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