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Customer Message:

Just wanted to express thanks. I am so pleased with the quality of these units. The girls who cut them for me locally confided they were "having hairgasms" working with it. One thought "this is too perfect, it has to be synthetic" and was stunned to find a split end with a magnifying glass - thereby confirming truly gorgeous real human hair.
Thanks again!
Customers name withheld

Customer Message:
I just wanted to write and thank you for my first hair piece that I just received from you. It was perfect in both look and feel. I would like any of your potential customers to know that you definitely know your stuff when it comes to hair replacement and that they should have no concerns trusting your work. Having worn hair pieces
for over 20 years, the quality of the hair replacement that I received from you was as good as if not better than anything I have ever worn and at a fraction of the cost that I paid from my salon here in NJ. Thanks Davel!

Customers name withheld

Customer Message:
Dear Dave,

I would like to thank you for the hair replacement you send me it looks so natural. I am interested in your hair replacement because they are so real and very good hair quality. I am going to send you my hair sample and my head template once again to order 2 hair replacement which are the all lace hair replacement. Please confirmed when you received this email.

Thank you for your help.
M C 06/16/12

Customer Message: 0730/10
Hello, a few weeks back I requested a return authorization on this hair replacement system thinking it was not enough hair for me. I was so wrong. My hairdresser and I put the system in place and it is wonderful! Thought you might like to know.

Photos are attached at the bottom of this email.

Thanks, Customers name withheld

Customer Message:


I just got home and opened up my last order that I placed with you and it was PERFECT!!! Can you make note to call me after the Holidays to place another order so I can have this for the a back-up This last one that we order at 35% was perfect and they must have made note to your instructions to go thicker in the front hair line. Can't believe it Perfect!!! Thanks again.
Happy Holidays to you and your wife,
***** **** & Family

Customer Message:



Be Safe, Be Well

Customers name withheld


Customer Message:

Customer Message: Hello Paul, i just wanted to inform you that i have received you full cap system. I am really really happy with it, the dimensions are great and the color is perfect! Also i really like the quality of the hair. I am definitely going to become your long-time customer.

PS if you are going to put this in your site's testimonials, please don't put my whole name there, just my initials DS


Customer Message: Dave;

Thought Iíd drop you a line and let you know I received my new hair Unit from you last week and am totally pleased with your good work. The color is a good match, and the cut is excellent. After 10 years of going to Apo in person, they could never seem to get it right.

It's amazing someone 3000 miles away can do a better job than the so called "professionals" I was seeing in person. Please keep my unit info on file and when needed I will place another order. Thanks again for the excellent work you did.

Customers name withheld

North Dakota

Customer Message: To Whom it May Concern:
I received my order yesterday and I can't express enough how impressed I am with your company and service.
I had a lot of reservations about ordering a hair replacement system over the Internet.
Because of the result (I'm already wearing it)
, you can be assured that I will continue to do so. The color and texture is perfect.
From your "easy to order" web page, to your confirmation E-Mails, and the quality of your product, I will certainly be doing business with your company many times a year. With these kind of prices ($289.95 Skin Graft), and even receiving a personal call to "make sure" I understood what I'll be getting, I'll be ordering several times a year. Please keep a file on me!

Thank You!
Customers name withheld
Indianapolis, Indiana

Customer Message: Paul, Thank you for processing my order so promptly and for the continued correspondence. I am very pleased with the quality of the hair system, every bit as good as the systems I received from HCM. If every business operated as efficiently and honestly as yours, this country would be a much better place.

Customers name withheld Thanks

Customer Message: Paul and Margaret Just wanted to send you a short note to thank you for the immediate response
in mailing me my system. Itís great, and I'm very happy with it.

I look forward
to doing business with you for years to come.

Thanks Again,

Customers name withheld

P.S.- Keep my records. I love this system!

Customer Message:
Hello once again this is Customers name withheld
I was very pleased with the order I placed with you and would like to place 2 more with you as well,

I would like to know what is the longest length that I can get for a woman's hair replacement I am looking for approximately 22+ inches
looking forward to hearing from you
take care
Customers name withheld

Customer Message: Thank You for your prompt service from my last order! Youíre #1 in my book .I am ordering another, I would like the same color u sent last time it was perfect .I would like to have this sent overnight just as last time .You donít know how much better I feel now that I have access to purchasing these for my daughter She is much happier also Thanks Again

Customers name withheld

Customer Message: shop4hair , thank you very much for the recent hair system that you sent out.
Your service is great and it is very much appreciated.
If you'd like, please feel free to use my testimonial.
As a member of a H Club I was paying over $1000 per year. After some

research on the internet, HHHinc. Appeared to be the most professional
company with the most choice of Hair system at a very reasonable price. With some skepticism I called to gather some information. Immediately Paul made me feel at ease. I was concerned if I could remove and replace the hair system on my own. Paul assured me that with very little practice and with his help, this would not be a concern. I was also not sure about the quality of the systems. Paul again assured me that if I were not satisfied for any reason, their guarantee would allow me to return it.
Six moths later, I am happy to say that, all of my skepticism is gone and I
am very happy with the hair system. It is very comparable, if not better than the other expensive club system for a fraction of the cost. And Paul is always there to help if I need it. Your service is great! I know I will be your customer for a long time.. Or until they find a way to re-grow my hair.

Thanks a lot.
Due to the high visibility of the Internet, you may not use my full name
but feel free
to use my initials of
CD from New York.
Thank You,

Customer Message: Just a note to let you know that the package has

arrived and I am VERY pleased with it.

Thanks, M.S FROM PA

Customer Message: Thanks guys--Happy New Year. P.S. The two new pieces and the repaired unit w/ color look fantastic! Many Thanks. Judy

Customer Message: Thanks for the inspiration and, from my wife and I in Canada, the very best

to both of you and all members of HHHINC in 2007. Thanks Carl

Customer Message: Wish you safe new years and yes the hair piece look great thanks David

Customer Message: Happy Holidays to you and your families. Michael

Customer Message: Hi Dave, when I returned from Las Vegas I was delighted to see my 2 new hair units and the repair/refilled one. Great job. Your service and product(s) are simply better than anywhere else I've tried--period. I have a question re: styling and cutting. The hair on the 2 brand new units is beautiful and although I can cut my bangs, I was thinkng of going to someone who could shape or cut them with a tiny bit of layers. Do you recommend going to a regular stylist--or someone who provides the full service for hair untis? Southern NH.
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